Sunday, March 20, 2011

I can't stop thinking about invention!!

Ever since I started doing research for the P2 keywords paper, I continue to become more and more interested with invention. I often wonder where my invention for my own work comes from. Long gone are the days when we are given topics to research and write about. Now is the time for us to write about what we are interested in. But sometimes I wonder what that is, exactly. And, once I find that topic, what is it that makes me excited to write about it? What makes me spend the time with it - doing the research, having writer's block, writing a draft and then hating it, and then finally finishing it ...

I wonder if I am the type of person where I find my inspiration internally or from interacting with other people. I think it might be a little bit of both, and with my research about invention, I almost feel like I need to pick a side. A lot of my invention comes out of nowhere, or what I think is nowhere. But when I really stop to think about it, it HAD to have come from somewhere else. Either from speaking with someone else, or reading something, even though the idea popped out of nowhere, it came from somewhere.

Which makes me think I have a socialist view when it comes to invention, but my process of creating the piece is probably much more internal. Many of my new ideas come from when I am writing. When I think about this, it seems kind of weird to me - I can't write until I write. I have enough issues with writer's block, like I need this statement looming over my head when I am trying to be inventive ...

Here are some questions that I am pondering:

- What ever happened to muses? Wasn't that Shakespeare's form of invention?

- How is invention through writing comparable to invention through interaction?

- Is kairos invention? And, Kelly Myers writes about the opposite of kairos which is metanoia and is the idea of missed opportunity. Is this invention? And how are they comparable?

- Is kairos only retrospective? Do we only know it happens for a reason after the fact?

- How, then, will we know it's a missed opportunity if it isn't utilized?

- Are we only aware of kairos if we have taken advantage of it?

These are all questions that keep stewing which I want to re-visit later to continue to write about. However, with all of this going on in my head, I wonder if going crazy is another form of invention ....

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