Monday, March 21, 2011

My Blog About Blogging

Since I completed my paper on invention, I have had time to go back and re-assess where I stand on P1, and let me tell you, it isn't great - at least, not to my standards. The pattern that seems to be emerging is that I blog once a week, then skip a week and then try and catch up with two back-to-back (note my blog yesterday AND today ...). But, what I wanted to get out of blogging this much (15 times throughout the semester) was to use this space for notes for my reading. I am wondering what is hindering me from doing this. Obviously, I have had plenty of reading to use for this "experiment" and I don't know if it is my procrastination or my continuing fear of the unknown.

But, now that I am curious to see in what uses this blog can serve me (and not just because I committed to 7 more blogs before the end of the semester), I am going to make a concerted effort to post twice a week (at least). I feel like maybe if I don't have something academic or incredibly intelligent, then I just shouldn't blog at all. But I am going to resist that urge over the next few weeks and just blog (maybe I should pre-apologize for any nonsensical upcoming blogs). I need to let all of my own preconceived notions go and not worry about posting about irrelevant information and look at blogging as a form of invention. Since I am a person who experiences writer's block - quite often - this would be a good chance for me to get out ideas and have a place to keep them instead of having sticky notes everywhere from my kitchen table to using the sticky note program on my computer itself.

Since I have been so interested in invention lately, I wanted to maybe think about doing an experiment to see what inspires me. Movies, music, blogs, viral videos, podcasts - I want to use all of these things to see what inspires me the most. A while back, I did a brainstorming web about what inspires me (even before this notion of invention came up which is interesting) and when I can figure out how to darken it (it's in pencil) and when I get over the fact that I may be embarrassed to share the certain musicians I am inspired by, I will upload it. With all of this being said, I am interested to hear what inspires others. Anybody have any suggestions or comments??


  1. I just wanna know about your musical guilty pleasure...

  2. I don't know about that .... I feel like I already gave too much away today with the "I am a reality show junkie" confession earlier!!

  3. I'm not sure if this is inspiration so much as it is downright nerdiness, but I'm finding that I tend to blog about things that happen in my life that I can somehow relate back to the texts or class discussions. I guess that finding practical applications (particularly in a class I was so reluctant to engage in at first) to what I'm learning and seeing things mirrored in my life make thinking about it and blogging about it more fun for me...though I will admit that like you, I'm having trouble remaining consistent in my blog entries.

  4. I don't think we give procrastination enough credit. My best, most inventive moments are the ones when I am doing something else- sweeping the floor (yes, I still do that the old-school way), staring at the wall (have you ever noticed how the texture on your wall makes pictures when you relax your eyes enough?), baking choclatey cookies (brainfood, obviously), and so on. I think the bad rap that procrastination gets comes from the fear we have of what will happen when we just let go.

  5. Haley - I think that is a really good way to think about things ... using everyday life things and making them relatable to what we have been working on.

    Beth - I just had a procrastination experience at its best this week ... I think I created something that was worthy, but I guess I will wait to see the professor's reaction to it before I get too proud of myself. But, this idea gets me thinking about this notion of lighting a fire under my ... well, you get it. I wonder if this deadline is what "inspires me" or encourages me to push through even when I don't want to.